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  • Opening IFIA Focal Point in the Middle East
    Opening IFIA Focal Point in the Middle East
    We are pleased to announce the opening of IFIA Focal Point in the Middle East (IFIA FPME) by IFIA Full member from Lebanon, National Association for Science and Research under the supervision of International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) following the approval of Executive Committee members. This new office will provide a great opportunity for the Middle East inventors to tap into available expertise, resources and innovation, make a communication network, and share innovative knowledge. The following objectives are expected to be fulfilled 1. Facilitate communication between IFIA and governments in the Middle East region.2. Organize an annual meeting for IFIA’s members in the countries covered by the office.3. Encourage and assist IFIA’s members to organize and establish scientific exhibitions.4. Commercialize scientific research in the Middle East region.
  • IFIA and ABIPIR Develop An Online Course
    IFIA and ABIPIR Develop An Online Course
    International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA) in partnership with Brazil International Innovative Inventors, Scientists and Entrepreneurs’ Association (ABIPIR) are going to launch the online course during INNOVACITIES 2016 – 6th International Fair of Applied Science, Inventions and Innovations to be held in Brazil on 19-21th October, 2016. The course “Successful Inventor in 6 Steps” is based on the EducaInnova Inventive Method developed by the inventor and Professor DSc. Marcelo Vivacqua, founder and President of ABIPIR. The inspiration for developing the course originated from the conversations, interactions and consultations with hundreds of inventors over the last 20 years while travelling to over 60 countries. The principal objective of the course is to train inventors to use entrepreneurial and creative thinking along with emotional intelligence tools to develop entrepreneurship skills, turn into more professional inventors and make the process of invention commercialization easier. The whole method centers on the proved Neuroscience scientific concepts. Using the neuroscience techniques described at the course the inventors are enabled to improve the brain and body performance resulting in better general health which directly reflects in the quality of inventions. The 6 steps of the course cover all...
  • Opening Creativity & Innovation Center in Afghanistan
    Opening Creativity & Innovation Center in Afghanistan
    IFIA provides support to Afghan Inventors Afghanistan, 4th August 2016 - The first Creativity & Innovation Center (CIC) was inaugurated under the Presidency of Mustafa Razaie, Full member of International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA). The event convened Public Figures, Governmental Officials, Academics and Students at the RANA University. During the inauguration ceremony the Honorable Chancellor, Former Parliament Member, Baktash Siawash, Representatives from Deputy CEO’s Office, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) and Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) individually addressed students with their prestigious words and motivated the audience for further creativity and innovation endeavors. IFIA President's message on offering the dedicated support to CIC by providing IFIA services to Afghan young innovators in the protection of inventions, their display at the international level and commercialization was also announced. CIC contributes toward the realization of the potential of young students and provides them the required facilities for the development of their scientific research into high-tech inventions. CIC can also play a key role in the advancement of industry as well as economy enhancement through promoting innovation, mitigating unemployment and applying the innovative technologies. During the opening ceremony, Mustafa Razaie and...
  • IFIA and HKTDC Sign Memorandum of Understating
    IFIA and HKTDC Sign Memorandum of Understating
    An Opportunity for Invention Commercialization International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) and Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate in the the InnoDesign Tech Expo (IDTE) during December 1-3. The principal purpose of cooperation is to dedicate a larger space to the display of top and ready to be commercialized inventions in The Global Invention Zone. The most distinguishing feature of The Zone is the high potentiality of commercialization due to the presence of businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs and potential partners seeking to seal partnership or license and purchase the cutting-edge technologies. IFIA aims to support the participation of 10 great inventions to make a network between the inventors and investors for the commercialization of inventions. Therefore, the inventors who own outstanding inventions are welcomed to submit their applications to IFIA office.
  • IFIA African Network Hosts NASA Administrator's Visit to Niger
    IFIA African Network Hosts NASA Administrator's Visit to Niger
    15 July 2016, Africa - NASA Administrator, Adrien Franck BLODEN, the first astronaut walking on the moon, undertook a visit to IFIA African Network in Niger which was an unforgettable memory to the African Inventors.The objective of this visit was mainly to participate in the opening ceremony of a new research program for Africa named "SERVIR" and to support applied research in Africa through the project. "SERVIR" is a climatology monitoring program providing researchers a reliable database on climate change.On the occasion of the debut of this program, three research institutions were invited to animate the event. Niger Association for the Promotion of Invention and Innovation (ANPII) as the representative of IFIA African Network, AGRYMET (The Saleh Center of Climate), and EAMAC (The International Institute of CIVIL PLANE) had the honor to host the visit of this eminent researcher.Three months prior to the event, the American Cultural Center in Niger as the main organizer of the visit, requested ANPII to prepare an invention exhibition and display the inventions of young inventors.After presenting the members of his delegation including the American Ambassador In Niger, The Director of The United States...
  • A Symposium by Iraqi Forum of Inventors
    A Symposium by Iraqi Forum of Inventors
    the Impact of Creativity and Innovation on the Economic Development Iraqi Forum of Inventors organized a symposium on the "Impact of Creativity and Innovation on the Economic Development" at the headquarters of the Ministry of Science and Technology on 27 April 2016. A large number of inventors and innovators of the same esteemed ministry participated in the event. The event took place under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as the Minister of Science and Technology convening the Undersecretary and a number of General Directors of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Two major lectures were given during the Symposium, the first one by Prof. Dr. Hazim Jabbar Al-Daraji, the President of Iraqi Forum of Inventors focusing on the importance of innovation and creation in development of different sectors of society which results in the economic development and prosperity of the communities in different countries. Dr. Samir Ibrahim, General Director of the Scientific Information and Technology Transfer Center in the Ministry of Science and Technology delivered the second speech elaborating on the importance of technology transfer and real investment of patents which sustains and enhances...
  • The Regenerative Innovation of Lebanese Youth
    The Regenerative Innovation of Lebanese Youth
    500 Lebanese young inventors participated in the 13th Mobarat ElOloum Science Fair taking place in conjunction with Beirut Invention Show 2016 on April 21st and 22nd. The fair was organized by the National Association of Science and Research (NASR), IFIA focal point in the Middle East region. 175 inventions were showcased in the course of the exhibition belonging to six different categories namely: Robotics, Environmental Resources, ICT, Physics and Chemistry, Biology and Health and Astronomy. “KoRo” invented by Maalouf (17 years) is a Robot programmed to imitate the gestures of people and designed to help the people with special needs. It won “The Prize Hassan Kamel Sabbah for Young Innovators” with a total amount of $4,000. Meanwhile, the project “Smart Home” by Samir Rizk represented a fully automated house controlled using a mobile application.The first Beirut Invention Show 2016 was addressed for all Lebanese inventors who have been granted a patent for their inventions. The most notable inventions included an application for divers, an environmental board and an application for drivers.13th Mobarat ElOloum and Beirut Invention Show 2016 were held under the patrimony of the Minister of Work, Sejaan Kazzi, the Minister...
  • IFIA 7th Virtual Executive Committee Meeting
    IFIA 7th Virtual Executive Committee Meeting
    During IFIA 7th Virtual Executive Committee meeting convened on 13 July 2016, the subject of admitting new members was raised. The membership requests already submitted to IFIA Office along with the documents verifying their non-profit and innovative activities were put to vote. The following three members obtained the majority of votes and joined IFIA Family:1. Alnoabegh Innovators - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Corresponding)Alnoabegh Innovators is committed to support inventors and innovators from all over the Arab world and assist them to obtain a patent for their ideas and innovations. In addition, the innovators are trained to transfer their ideas into live products by removing the barriers between the innovators and the accomplishments of their inventions.2. Korea Invention News - Korea (Corresponding)The Korea Invention News provides an enormous opportunity of new levitations for inventors and their surrounding communities world-wide. Namely speaking, KINews publishes periodical invention newspaper that serves for both the best interest and hope for all inventors world-wide. 3. Korea University Invention Association - Korea (Corresponding)KUIA is dedicated to raise awareness about intellectual property rights and invigorate the innovation talent of University inventors. Moreover, KUIA contribute to the advancement of intellectual property...
  • Launching IFIA Office in the United States
    Launching IFIA Office in the United States
    IFA President, Alireza Rastegar, recommended launching IFIA Office in the United States which was accepted by the majority of Executive Committee votes. As cited in IFIA Statute, it is possible to open branches of IFIA in other countries so as to facilitate the promotion of innovative and inventive culture internationally. IFIA President has a mandate to pave the way for the inauguration of the office and enhancement of increased cooperation with the American organizations and associations pursuing paralleled objectives. The establishment of IFIA office in a country which is known for extensive and valued potential for innovation and applying cutting edge technology in industry can have far reaching effects on the commercialization of inventions. The other objective of opening IFIA Office in the U.S is to foster collaboration with the outstanding universities and inject innovation in the academic section. In doing so, the students will be able to conduct the research in the innovative areas and develop or market them using the available tools. IFIA aims to benefit from the considerable experience of international organizations functioning in the field of innovation and exchange the innovative knowledge.
  • Google as IFIA donor
    Google as IFIA donor
    International Federation of Inventors' Associations is a recipient of a Google Grants award. The Google Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. Google Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords.

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INVENTO Prague 2013 PDF Tisk Email

International Exhibition of Inventions INVENTO Prague 2013

On June 6 – 8, 2013 INCHEBA Prague in co-operation with the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic and Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers organizes the International exhibition of Inventions INVENTO Prague 2013. More information can be found here (pdf, 246 kB)

Gold results of participation the Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers in IFIA international exhibitions in 2012. PDF Tisk Email

Gold results of participation the Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers in IFIA international exhibitions in 2012.

Czech Union participated this year in 2 most important international IFIA exhibitions. It was 7th International Exhibition of Technical Solutions and Inventions in Kunshan (China) with General Assembly of IFIA and 10th International Exhibitions of Inventions ARCA Zagreb (Croatia).
Results of both exhibitions are wery good. As Czech Union in 2011 participated in 4 most important international exhibitions received only 11 medals. This year was as rich as previous year and we have also 11 medals. But they are more better then previous year. This year we received 2 times 2 best medals for one firm – RS Dynamics with their miniExplonix. It is pocket (smallest in the world) explosives analyzer with all the previous excellant functions as were developed for little heavy EXPLONIX. So that the innovation was excellant for miniExplonix. It is covered by PCT patent with 45claims.
The silver medailist is Czech University of Life Science in Prague – Prof J.Volf, DrSc., who develops for many years PLANTOGRAPH V... Now the number of that one is V 09. It is good for human feets and body knees health but was innovated for tyres testing – its possibility to carry 1 ton is excellant. Previous year he was gold medailist, this year only silver.
Dubble medailist is Assist.Prof A.Havelka from Technical University of Liberec. His silver medal from Zagreb exhibition was added by special commemorary price for still innovation in Kunshan. His Security jacket for cyclists was very important in the present time. It allows signalling braking and turning left and right and is reflexive in small car lighting. There are used nanowaves.
Next medailist is lady – Mgr. M.Chrápavá from Omega-Altermed Ltd., Brno. Their Nailexpert medicine for treatment nails and the innovated one for skin agains mycosis is imporant and was appreciated by commemorary price for still innovation in Kunshan.
Ing. D. Rýdlová, also lady, was appreciated appreciated by commemorary price for still innovation in Kunshan, too. Her software, still innovated since 2005 named Languages without barriers bring high help for all persons with dyslexia. It was in previous exhibition appreciated by 4 medals.
Radiofrequency Surgical instrument for operating liver ablation bring higher progress in surgery for liver operations. It helps patient and the operater to use as much as save operation to succesful help the patient. It received also commemorary price for still innovation in Kunshan.
President of Czech Union is also inventor. He has Copyright for Scheme for innovation level classification in services. Previous year was seriously appreciated in Taiwan 3 Cii IFIA international exhibition and this year received special price from Inventors Union of Poland in Kunshan. His Scheme is very clear ahd helpful not only for project evaluators butr also for inventos to have help hand for better innovating.

After such positive results for 5 years of IFIA international exhibitions participating and 2 years active work in ExCo IFIA, was the Czech Republic asked if it will be possible to organize in Prague IFIA International Exhibition. And so by help of Czech Patent Office and INCHEBA Praha, exhibitions agency, will be real the INVENTO IFIA International Inventions Exhibition in June 6-8, 2013. We hope many Czech and foreign inventors will participate there.